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Friday, 5 August 2011
✹✹✹ Rebonded my virgin hair. =) ✹✹✹
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Hi guys, I got my virgin hair rebonded on Thursday and its damn bloody time consuming and expensive. Well, I start doing my hair on 2 something and it ends at 7. It cost me 196 (rebonding + Treatment+ Cut) Well, the treatment what i got to take is to prevent hair loss and hair breaking after rebonding, its like some sorts of repairing.

And now, i can't wash my hair for 3 bloody days! Sunday night, please come ASAP!

Im afraid of hair loss after rebonding, I already have some hairfall problem and if it will cause me some futher hairloss, then oh god. =.=... But anyway, im going to give it extreme care after I wash my hair tomorrow!

Well, now I'm able to manage my untamed hair. =D

Friday, 29 July 2011
✹✹✹ When Erika meets Amelyn ✹✹✹
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Went out with Amelyn yesterday, I did my name sticker and name chop to bring to UK. and we went for dinner.

The Kiap Po

After that, we went to Parkson, they are cheap but we end up buying nothing. LOL... the fitting room is spacious and nice anyways.

The Princess~

Amelyn and Me~

this pic the most~ =D

I'm so gonna miss her when I'm in UK. =')

Sunday, 12 December 2010
✹✹✹ Jacky ✹✹✹
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he has been with me for 6 years and more to go on.